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Clear Answers on Sexuality and Gender in a Confused Culture

In today’s secular culture, confusion abounds on       issues relating to sexuality, sexual orientation, and gender identity. Within the church, pastors and ministers are being inundated with so-called modern constructs of sex, gender, and sexual identity - and without the proper training and education, professionals in the faith-based community are often unable to articulate clear solutions to difficult questions.

Having journeyed through these issues, personally and professionally, Christopher Doyle understands and can articulate clear-cut solutions to these dilemmas. As a licensed clinical professional counselor, published author, and expert on sexuality and gender identity, some of the topics he teaches are:

In addition, Christopher can customize any of these presentations to suit your conference, event, Sunday morning service, or mid-week Bible study.

  • The Meaning of Sex: A New Christian Ethos
  • Understanding Homosexuality and Gender Identity: Meaning and Causes
  • Intimacy in Marriage: How to Take Your Marriage from Functioning to Flourishing
  • Healing for Families and Parents of Sexual Minority Children
  • Sexual Risk Avoidance: Benefits of Delaying Sexual Debut for Young People
  • Real Love in Marriage: How to Give and Receive Unconditional Love
  • The Politics of Sexual and Gender Identity

For more information on how you can bring Christopher to your church service, conference, or event, e-mail us at IHFINFO@InstituteforHealthyFamilies.org or by phone at 703-367-0894.

Fall 2019 Schedule of Events

September 13 - 15 -- Key to Your Child's Heart Retreat for Mothers of LGBT/SSA Children (Hagerstown, Maryland)

September 27 -- Workshop ("The War on Psychotherapy: When Sexual Politics, Gender Ideology, and Mental Health Collide") at the Alliance for Therapeutic Choice and Scientific Integrity Conference (Glendale, Arizona)

September 28 -- Keynote Address ("A New Family Systems Therapeutic Approach for Parents and Families of Sexual Minority Youth") at the Alliance for Therapeutic Choice and Scientific Integrity Conference (Glendale, Arizona)

October 12 -- Workshop ("A New Family Systems Therapeutic Approach for Parents and Families of Sexual Minority Youth") at the American Association of Christian Counselors World Conference (Nashville, Tennessee)

October 30 -- Lecture ("The War on Psychotherapy: When Sexual Politics, Gender Ideology, and Mental Health Collide") at Family Research Council (Washington, D.C.)

November 8 - 10 -- Key to Your Child's Heart Retreat for Fathers of LGBT/SSA Children (Hagerstown, Maryland)


     What Others Are Saying About Christopher Doyle

Christopher Doyle is a lucid communicator on issues relating to homosexuality and the possibility of change. He is a clear thinker, well informed, and always gracious, able to reach both the secular and the spiritual with his approach…and he is a champion for equal rights for the oppressed.

~ Michael L. Brown, Ph.D., author, theologian, and host of the nationally syndicated “Line of Fire” radio broadcast

Christopher Doyle combines personal experience with professional expertise on the issue of gender confusion. That's what makes him unique. His passion to speak the truth as well as his love for people trapped in sexual ambivalence makes him a great resource in every way.

 ~ Sandy Rios, Host of American Family Radio’s “Sandy Rios in the Morning” and former Fox News Channel Contributor

I heard Christopher Doyle speak on the Sarah Fraser podcast and really enjoyed listening to him. I appreciated his point of view and found it refreshing. He was very articulate and made strong and unbiased points. I just wanted to say his words resonated with me and I hope to become a Mental Health Pediatric Nurse Practitioner one day, in addition to an advocate, and we need people like Doyle to help heal the many hurting people. Keep up the great work!

 ~ Taylor J., Washington, D.C.

Praise for The War on Psychotherapy and The Meaning of Sex

Christopher Doyle, a traveler from homosexual to heterosexual who counsels others on that journey, describes in frightening detail the weaponization of psychotherapy ... It is a riveting story of malicious professional and governmental authorities who manipulate science, demean religious motivation, and ignore genuine successes to hide evidence that contradicts their cherished notion that homosexual orientation is immutable. He documents them in action—in our courts, in the media, in our schools, in our legislatures, within our borders and beyond. Doyle reveals a war on humans in their most intimate personhood. The real tragedy is the collateral damage for persons banned from finding relief for their suffering. From turning spouses against each other, then mothers against their children, the legal elites of the sexual revolution have come to turn persons against themselves

Dr. Paul Sullins, Professor of Sociology (retired), The Catholic University of America Senior research associate, Ruth Institute

The War on Psychotherapy is an outstanding resource addressing a complicated subject: a detailed history of the successful efforts of LGBTQ+ activists to culturally establish and weaponize their ideology as the “new normal” in halls of law, courts, media, academia, professionals, and religion. Doyle draws on his considerable experience as studied author, compassionate professional, and seasoned street fighter with expertise as a psychotherapist, author, media resource, and political science-trained once-gay turned husband and father. Doyle exposes popularly believed falsehoods of the movement and provides counterbalancing reality along with guidance for response, and achieves this with calm clarity and clear reason. This book is exceptional.

Andre Van Mol, MD, Board-certified family physician, co-chair, Committee on Adolescent Sexuality, American College of Pediatricians, blogger for the Christian Medical & Dental Associations

The War on Psychotherapy is a must-read for anyone who cares about truth in caregiving to the souls of hurting people, especially people with unwanted same-sex attractions... [E]very student desiring to go into counseling or therapy and every school leader and minister in the church should read this book Its message is too important to keep to yourself.

Stephen Black, executive director, First Stone Ministries

The Meaning of Sex: A New Christian Ethos is a masterful synthesis of Christian theology and the social sciences that has the potential to radically transform our culture in positive ways. With his characteristic accessible style, Christopher Doyle establishes that sex has a meaning and a purpose beyond mere pleasure and procreation. He also demonstrates that when couples embrace the true meaning and purpose of sex, holiness, health, and happiness result. This book deserves a close read by all Christians, especially those who nurture children, including parents, educators, pastors, physicians, and therapists. Our children must be armed with faith and reason together in order to thrive in and one day heal our culture. 

~ Michelle A. Cretella, M.D., President, American College of Pediatricians

The Meaning of Sex: A New Christian Ethos provides a fresh view of a biblically grounded understanding of the meaning of sex. Christopher Doyle effectively challenges cultural constructs that have led Christians away from the questions that we need to be asking, connecting the dots between a biblical narrative of sexuality and what is revealed in nature and through scientific inquiry. Doyle masterfully makes challenging concepts accessible for a broad audience, making the book suitable for a variety of settings. I will be adopting the book as a required text for our human sexuality course at Arizona Christian University. 

~ Professor Carolyn Pela, Ph.D., LMFT, Chair, Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences, Arizona Christian University

It’s one thing to speak out against the evils of pornography, sexual immorality, adultery, and no-fault divorce, all of which are destructive. But do we also speak out about God’s plan for marriage and sexuality? About having a biblical worldview of sex? About how to raise sexually healthy children? I’m thankful that Christopher Doyle, a man who came out of sexual brokenness into God’s wholeness, has addressed these issues in one clearly-written, biblically based, compassion-driven manual. It will fill a major void.

~ Michael L. Brown, Ph.D., Host of the “Line of Fire” radio show and author, Can You Be Gay and Christian?

Christopher Doyle has given us a mature offering of hope in The Meaning of Sex. He has skillfully integrated truth found in the sciences regarding our humanity (anthropology, sociology, and psychology) and the beautiful truth found within biblical orthodoxy concerning human sexuality and healthy holy relating. I highly recommend you add this book for your growth into the mature disciple of Jesus Christ, and being holy and healthy in sexuality for yourself and your family.

~ Rev. Stephen Black, Executive Director of First Stone Ministries, Vice-Chairman with Restored Hope Network

Christopher Doyle is a key culture warrior of our times. He calls us back to recognize design and purpose in our natures — something that has been forgotten today, with so many people engaged in a frenzied attempt to design and remake themselves. Only by rediscovering our true nature and purpose, as they were created by God, is there hope to find peace in a broken world.

~ Linda Ames Nicolosi

With humor, sound Biblical thinking and complete vulnerability, Christopher Doyle shares a vision for human sexuality that is Christ centered, compassionate, authentic, and a solid blueprint for healthy family dynamics. Is there a way to break the cycle of sexual brokenness, recover a healthy view of intimacy, and pass that vision on to the next generation? In his new book, The Meaning of Sex, Chris says “Yes!” and points the way through authentic personal stories, sound Biblical teaching, and honest practical reflection. This is a great read for parents who want to create an environment of growth and spiritual maturity for their children. If we don’t teach our children about God’s good gifts of sex, gender, and intimacy they will learn of it from the brokenness around them. In clear, practical, and Biblical terms, Chris shares the good news not just what God says, but why He says it and how we can move into a place of wholeness and life. As a pastor, there is a desperate need in the church for practical guidance on how to heal from our own brokenness, how to relate to others in our sexually broken world, and how to raise our children to know and embrace God’s intent for sexuality. I hope everyone in my church reads Christopher’s new book. 

~ Steve Benedict, Senior Associate Pastor, Grace Life Community Church

The Meaning of Sex is a beautiful blend of big-picture Christian perspectives on healthy sexuality, in-the-trenches nuggets of wisdom, and first-person experience with these sensitive issues. It provides both a Christian worldview of the complex intersection of theology, sexuality, and relationships, as well as practical applications for how to live those principles in the real world today.

~ Rich Wyler, Founder & Executive Director, Brothers on a Road Less Traveled

Modern culture has spun itself to the point of reconstructing traditional Christianity like it’s clay. As a result, it has landed face flat in an era where perils abound: abortion, child neglect, divorce, mass murder, revising marriage, and sexually transmitted inflections, to name a few. Doyle’s book, in defining a new Christian ethos, gives fresh oxygen to the guiding principles that characterize the meaning of sex and relationship from an ecclesiastical perspective, rather than social experimentation. In a practical way, both the lay reader and the professional now have a go-to resource for understanding a healthy sexual ethos.

~ James E. Phelan, Psy.D, MBA, LCSW, Author, Psychotherapist, and U.S. Veteran

Christopher Doyle’s book, The Meaning of Sex: A New Christian Ethos, is a must read book. The Meaning of Sex is a great resource that seamlessly integrates candid personal and professional experiences, theology, scholarly research, human development, and practical advice. Chris places sex in the proper context and explains the meaning and purpose of sex and marriage. He addresses attachment, intimacy, and bonding and even delves into some of the common reasons why marriages fail. Particularly helpful to parents, Chris explains how to raise children with the right understanding and appreciation of sex. The book addresses tough issues like same-sex attraction and unhealthy sexual practices. Most people have never thought about the purpose and meaning of sex, and even fewer people understand how human sexuality affects their view of God. Sex is so much more than personal gratification. When human sexuality operates within the original design by the Creator, it produces unity, bonding, children, and strong families. But when human sexuality operates outside or contrary to the Creator’s design, it results in heartache, discord, isolation, disease, and even death. The Meaning of Sex is a road map that provides desperately needed guidance.

~ Mathew D. Staver, Esq., B.C.S., Founder and Chairman, Liberty Counsel

One of the most urgent needs in our current cultural climate is for a compassionate, clear, and biblical response to the sexual brokenness and confusion so prevalent in the culture. In his new book, The Meaning of Sex, Christopher Doyle provides a hopeful, tender, yet thoroughly biblical vision for human sexuality. Christopher’s testimony, professional credentials, and commitment to Christ make this a unique book in that both the psychological and spiritual aspects of human sexuality are examined. The focus on redeeming our sexuality, rather than suppressing it, is a paradigm shift that will prayerfully help readers view their sexuality as a gift from the Lord and a means of glorifying God. Every Bible-believing Christian should read this book.

~ Chris McMillan, Senior Pastor, Providence Baptist Church

If I had been able to have read a book like The Meaning of Sex when I was a young man, I might have been spared years of confusion regarding my sexual identity…might have been spared the heartache of how unprepared I was for marriage. To say I had no idea concerning the meaning of sex would be the understatement of all understatements! Our current culture is very confused about the basics of identity and marriage and sex. Where is God in all the confusion? Understanding how the human mind works in accordance with God’s original design, order, and purpose is key. Within the very way God has designed us, we will discover proper boundaries within which to function in the most fulfilling freedom possible in this life. In the process of discovering the mysteries of God as they relate to identity, marriage, and sex we will discover the beauty and power of vulnerability and intimacy. We will discover what every human heart longs for: to know and to be known. If that is what you desire — true freedom and a thorough and firm foundation from which to live your life — read on. In The Meaning of Sex: A New Christian Ethos, you are about to experience a clinic where truth is laid out in a methodical and practical way…where freedom and hope and joy and love are the results.

~ Dennis Jernigan, Husband, Father, and Grandfather

Author of the autobiography “Sing Over Me” and “Renewing Your Mind” as well as the fantasy series “The Chronicles of Bren”

Songwriter of worship songs such as “You Are My All In All”