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Arthur Goldberg is involved in the post-struggler movement and serves as the co-director of JONAH, President of PATH, and Board VP of IHF. Mr. Goldberg's new book Light In The Closet: Torah, Homosexuality and the Power to Change uniquely bridges the gap between religion, psychology, and public policy regarding the important issue of same-sex attraction.

From personal stories of transformation to Jewish Biblical Principles, intertwined with detailed discussions on today’s cultural climate, this engrossing work will be used as a reference for professionals, those seeking change, and their loved ones. Light In The Closet not only reflects Mr. Goldberg's years of experience, but also his wisdom and compassion. This text should be required reading for every religious institution, public policy forum, health or psychological association, and for those affected by issues of same-sex attraction.

This book breaks new ground, explaining the harmony of psychological healing for homosexuality with the classic teachings of Judaism. It also exposes the ''gay gene'' myth and describes the deliberate strategy of gay activists and their allies to culturally sensitize Western society to the point that a large portion of society now seeks to normalize the behavior. By entitling the book Light In The Closet, Mr. Goldberg provides a message of hope and healing for those who seek change.

Praise for Light in the Closet

"Arthur Goldberg has written a brilliant, compassionate, and remarkably compelling book. I consider it among the best, maybe the best, ever written on the subject not just on homosexuality but of the capacity for the human change of heart, T'Shuvah in the Jewish phrase.'' —Jeffrey Satinover, M.D., Author, Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth

"Arthur Goldberg's sweeping and scholarly survey investigates the social, political, spiritual, medical, and personal aspects of same-sex attraction. Written with both compassion and hard-hitting truth, this book unifies the wisdom of the Torah with modern psychology, and in so doing, reveals timeless truths about the human condition." —Joseph Nicolosi, Ph.D., Author, Reparative Therapy of Male Homosexuality